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We design according to all State, Parish and City Regulations for perfect inspections. Warranty is available for all parts and labor and 100% coverage is guaranteed for areas discussed on new installations.

Enhancing Your Landscape with Precision

From installation to service, on all brands of sprinkler systems, turn to C&R Irrigation, Inc. for all your irrigation needs. Our company has built a reputation for dependable and efficient work, and it is a reputation we intend to keep.

Our installation crew and our service crew have the experience, skills and integrity to make sure your project needs are handled with efficient and professional accuracy.


Drainage Systems

Say goodbye to water-related worries and safeguard your property with our comprehensive drainage services, expertly designed to efficiently redirect excess water, ensuring a dry and secure environment.


Landscape Lighting

Elevate the beauty and ambiance of your outdoor spaces with our exquisite landscape lighting solutions, designed to illuminate your gardens, pathways, and architectural features, creating a captivating and inviting atmosphere for all to enjoy.


Driveway Boring

Driveway boring is a trenchless method used to install irrigation lines beneath driveways without causing damage, allowing for seamless and efficient water distribution to landscapes while preserving the integrity and aesthetics of the driveway surface.


Maintenance Contract

Our maintenance contract ensures peace of mind and a flourishing landscape all year round, offering timely inspections, adjustments, and repairs to keep your irrigation system running efficiently, conserve water, and maintain the beauty of your outdoor spaces.


Irrigation Supplies

At C&R Irrigation, we are your one-stop solution for all your irrigation needs, offering a comprehensive range of top-quality supplies and expert services to ensure your landscapes stay vibrant and thriving.

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Interested in elevating your landscape with our top-notch irrigation services? Don’t hesitate to request more information, and our friendly team will be delighted to assist you in creating a flourishing outdoor oasis tailored to your needs.